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    About Tzaneria Beach

    Tzaneria beach is located at the south part of the Skiathos and it is relatively close to the town centre just 7 km away. It is at the north east side of the Kalamaki peninsula. It is easily approachable by car or bus about a 10-15 minutes drive from Skiathos hotels of the town. There is also a good size field behind Tzaneria beach, where one can park their car. Alternatively, you may get the bus, take off at the bus stop 12 and then take a short walk. Some tourists choose to reach            Tzaneria with the water taxis leaving from the old port.
     The beach is ideal for families with children. It is approximately 120m long, sandy with shallow waters. There is a beach bar with loud music and also water sport facilities. You may also take scuba diving lessons here and explore the marine life of the area.


About Kanapitsa Beach

   Kanapitsa beach is at the south part of Skiathos about 6 km from the town centre. It is also at the north east side of the Kalamaki peninsula. You may reach the beach by a water taxi from the old habour. You may alternatively take the bus, get off the bus stop 12 and then walk for 15 minutes to the beach. The beach is ideal for families, as it is calm, never crowded. The nature is amazing, the lush green surrounding and the crystal clear waters are characteristic of Skiathos. The beach is sandy. There are plenty of water sport activities including scuba diving.
     Kanapitsa is also an ideal port for day trips to Skopelos or Tsougria island.
Since 2014, Kanapitsa Run takes place every August. It is a running of 4.6 km long. The participants run along the scenic hills of the Kanapitsa peninsula, taking full advantage of the breathtaking sea views.

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    Mandraki Beach

    If you search for a tranquil site, even at the peak of the summer season, then you should find your way to Mandraki beach. It is 15 km away from Skiathos town and luxury Skiathos hotels at the north side of the island. It is a remote beach, but luckily enough there is a canteen there for some cold drinks and snacks. Due to the fact that the access is not easy, there are a few people visiting, mainly locals and some adventurous tourists. The waters are amazingly clear, the beach is sandy and stretches for a few meters and the view is magnificent. In order to visit Mandraki, you need a motorbike, a 4X4 car or strong legs! So, you will reach Koukounaries beach by your vehicle and then you go through the forest from a track road. It is about a mile distance, meaning 30 minute of easy walk.

    Elia Beach

    It is another wonderful beach at the north side of the island. Again, you need to walk through the forest from Koukounaries. The scenery is fantastic. You walk through the lovely nature of the pine forest and enjoy amazing views. When you reach Elia, you discover a beautiful sandy beach with shallow waters. So, it is ideal for young kids, if they manage to walk the 20 minute distance. The waters can be shallow even for 100 meters of the shore! The waves can be very large at this part of the island, when it is windy, making it a lot of fun for wave games. The beach offers a few tourist facilities with sun beds and a small tavern.

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    Planespotting is a modern hobby and Skiathos airport is the destination for this.
    Skiathos airport is famous for being the Sint Maarten of Europe. The runway is very short, only 1.6 km long and narrow, whereas it is surrounded by sea. It is located at the north of Skiathos town next to the beach. Outside the airport, but right next to the runway, there is a small street, where the planes fly over. Many tourists gather at this area to watch the planes pass only a few meters above their heads. They are ready with their cameras and smart phones to film this and share it through the internet. They have created a hobby called planespotting. Numerous people visit Skiathos particularly for this reason to feel the jet blast and take a memorable video of a Boeing 757 pass just above their head. The busiest period for the airport is during July and August and especially Fridays, when numerous flights come from many parts of Europe and Skiathos hotels are fully booked.
    These low height flights and the jet blast of the aircrafts can be really dangerous for people standing on their way. There have been reported over the years a few cases of people being blown away and knocked to the ground. Particularly children are at risk and those, who get really close ignoring the safety precautions. Definitely, actions should be taken, so as to protect viewers.

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  The Monastery of Panagia Kounistra (or Eikonistra) is 13km away from the town centre and the luxury skiathos hotels, at the west side of the island. It is inside a pine tree forest, so the atmosphere is unique and only 2 km away from Aselinos beach. Panagia Kounistra is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, who is the patron saint of the island.     Panagia Kounistra was constructed in the 17th century. A monk called Symeon, who led an ascetic life, had found the icon of Virgin Mary hanging from a tree and moving back and forth like a swing. The appearance of the icon was considered a miracle and the monastery built was named after it “Panagia Kounistra”, meaning the swinging Mary. The icon is now kept in the cathedral at Skiathos town. Every year though, it travels back to the Monastery on the 21st November, in order to celebrate there the Presentation of Virgin Mary. This day is a public holiday only for Skiathos Island and worshipers come to the Monastery to pay tribute to their patron saint, Virgin Mary.
    Handy information for tourists visiting the Monastery regarding dress code. Women need to wear long skirts and men long trousers. It is definitely worth the visit, as one can admire the wooden iconostasis and remnants of really old frescoes dated from the 17th century.

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    Skiathos is one of Greece's most famous destinations so there is a lot to see and do. Skiathos boat tours are the best way to explore the island's hidden gems and enjoy the Aegean sea. It is true that the island offers the most organized tours and its worth to try at least one of them.

    1. Among the most interesting is the boat trip around the coastline of Skiathos. Tsougria is the first destination for a morning coffee and swimming when you leave the port of Skiathos. After you stop in Troulos , another beautiful beach to swim. Sailing on to koukounaries to continue your swimming . Koukounaries is an important nature reserve because of the lagoon and the pine trees behind the beach. At 14:00 you sail to Katigiorgi port for lunch at one of the two traditional tavernas which serve plates with fresh local ingredients. You continue to Kastro and Lalaria, there will be time for swimming and photos. Finally the boat will sail to Arkos island where you make your final swimming stop.

    2. Undoubtedly one of the best excursions is the Mamma Mia cruise. This opportunity to sail to places that the musical was filmed is must. The boat will depart from Skiathos to sail aside Skopelos island and to make its first stop in Kastani beach, one of the best beaches in Skopelos, famous because of the film. It's a beautiful sandy beach with breathtaking scenery and enjoyfull environment to spend your day . Next stop is Panormos bay , here you will have enough time to swim and relax. Panormos is a lovely beach with clear blue sea , initially quite shallow but gets deeper very quickly. After you will have the chance to explore the Blue Cave, one of the most beautiful sights of Skiathos and take photos of this amazing landscape. Before you sail back into port you will visit Tsougria island , it's definitely worth as the sea is wonderful for swimming.

3. There is also another fascinating excursion around the island by boat. Your first destination is fonissa's cave, here you will have enough time to take photos from the stunning scenery. The second stop is at Lalaria beach. Definitely one of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen. Lalaria has its name from the shape of the sea crafted rocks that the strong north winds have created. It is something unique that you are not going to see in other Greek islands and it can only be reached by boat. The next stop is at Kastro, a magic place with amazing views, a lot of history, crystal clear water to swim and a tavern with traditional food. Whilst it is hard to get to Kastro is well worth the effort. After that you will visit Katigiorgis which is a picturesque village of Pelion, for lunch and relax .Finally you will stop in Tsougrias island where there will be time for swimming.

    Many Skiathos hotels help you at the front desk for reservation. Don’t leave from the island before to try at least one boat tour.